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3210   la nuit je deviens fou   Light Cube Gallery Ronse   2017

Vadim Vosters (°1979 Colmar, France) lives and works in Brussels.

He studied at the Academy de Leie in Leuven, St-Lucas in Ghent and Kuvataide Academia in Helsinki.

In addition to several solo exhibitions at home and abroad, he participated in numerous group exhibitions in Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Japan and the US.

Light Artist, installation artist, media artist, painter, Vadim Vosters pays much attention to the presence of his work in space. A painting becomes installation. By integrating new techniques he creates a form of interaction between the viewer and the image.

In the new works of Vadim Vosters in his first solo show in Light Cube, the interplay between light and darkness is once again omnipresent. The light exerts a significant force on the canvas. The visual language is constructed from a reflection or a shift in perspective. We witness the contemporary art being rediscovered in the future just as classical antiquity was discovered and portrayed in Neoclassical art. The act of depicting art from a previous era is full of longing for a better world, a faded beauty that marks romanticism. Vadim Vosters wants to place these issues in contemporary art. As we rediscover paintings of our ancestors in the caves of Altamira, perhaps we can re-experience the works of Koons or Catalan. This means that the context of the work is always changing. Images that are being rediscovered, acquire a new meaning because their connotation is completely gone.